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Awesome tool! btw, how can I choose which browser to use when using "go to url" feature? It always use firefox.
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Outstanding product!!!
Comments on Keyboard Remapper
Love this tool! I do a TON of copy/pasting and I use this to map F1 to <copy> and F2 to <paste>. Works perfectly... love the small file size and the fact that it doesn't require an install. Thanks for the wonderful app!

Middletown, CT
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Will it remap the < key to a German o with the two dots above??
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Excellent for data entry. Allows you to make the "-" key on the number pad into a tab key.

Houston, TX
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It took me a couple of trys but it' great.
Best 10 dollar deal I've ever-ever seen

Roy Newcombe
Electronics Technician
NSCAD University
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Generally love strangeness I've found (with my particular HP keyboard anyway, maybe with others): Like Eric in Houston, I wanted a TAB in the numeric pad. I remapped NumLock to TAB, figuring it would also keep me from accidentally disabling the keys as numbers. But then the key always worked as a TAB but ALSO kept toggling the num lock (but to confuse things more, didn't turn off the num lock light on the keyboard). So...I've mapped the "Pause" key to tab instead.

Tom -- Near Seattle
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A super, time-saving program but it needs a few tweaks.
Would be nice to be able to alphabatize the list instead of having to keep it in the order the macros were entered.
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An alphabetic list would be great. I have about 40 combo and have to be very careful not to use an existing letter combo.

Otherwise, a truly great program.
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WoW!! A real time saver for autotyping my various email addresses,multiple phone numbers, and website supplied passwords (non-intuitive, mix if # and alpha and upper and lower case)
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Very useful tool. I am using a database that does not support e.g round double quotes, so use program to insert #OPDQ# (i.e. Open Double Quotes), so when I move to Word, I can search & replace to show the correct symbol.

What would be *very* useful would be the ability to have keys that could hold special characters, e.g. I want to replace ... by the ellipsis character (…), but I cannot put it into a key combination.
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Thank you very much for teh excellent tool. I am using it constantly. Peter
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Excellent piece of software!
I would like it could be disabled/enabled by using parameters in a batch-file.
Why? Within an application you can block keys. Back in windows you need the keys. Or better: change the mapped keys into another map by using a batch-file.
That feature would be great!
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this was ideal for me I play a game called last stand and before getting this I had key tweak that was good if I wanted to change my character I had different buttons to use and after changing I needed to restart the pc for changes to take effect this runs in the background is always available and can be changed at will it dose not use any cpu usage or memery as far as I have so far seen cant recommend this enough
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Great tool, but could you provide the list itself with checkboxes so that it is possible to disable a few combinations that you don't use often and reuse the same keys for different combinations without having to do something each time?

The Netherlands
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Would be even better if you could type a command in the launch application mode eg. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE" C:\data\ref\cards.doc

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