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Comments on MD5 Tool.
to shame it doesnt support tiger and haval :(
Comments on MD5 Tool.
it's good byt plz make shure that people can download free full version
Comments on MD5 Tool.
replaced my old and faulty MD5 tool
Comments on MD5 Tool.
It's a really great tool! I only miss one feature, to be able to compare multiple hashes, and not just only one.
Comments on MD5 Tool.
Clearly the best MD5 checker available.
I've been using WinMD5 for quite some time but it relies on .NET 2.0 which totally sucks. I've since removed the MS crap and was left without a good MD5 checker. Tried many little apps found on Tucows and this one really is the best.
Extremely fast, very light, compatible with WinXP themes and REMEMBERS ITS LAST WINDOW POSITION!!
Extremely handy for drag&drop sessions.
I won't even be trying any other apps.
This is the real deal guys ;)
Comments on MD5 Tool.
I love this tool!

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