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Comments on Turbo Type
Ilike it.
Comments on Turbo Type
I am absolutely delighted with Turbo Type the more I use it the better my typing speed gets.

I am beginning to wonder how I ever used a keyboard without it.

Kudos also for the great support.


Alan :o)

Comments on Turbo Type
Annoying in that it uncapitalizes words.
Cannot enter Proper Names into Library, results are always lower case.

I would prefer that suggested changes are not automatically entered, but need to be accepted, in order to change what is typed.
Comments on Turbo Type
Forget about “fast typing” or “enhancing my type speed”, this program can do it all :). I have been using it for a long time now and I can tell u this is the best :). I can answer my e-mails in no time and I can type them both fast and without typos.

I recommend it to everybody who needs a speed up in typing ;)
Comments on Turbo Type
I really like turbo type use this utility everyday this has helped me with my dyslexia,

I actually think this is better than penfriend XP

Comments on Turbo Type
A fast and almost scarily accurate prediction program, not bloated with infrequent words or regional dialect. The bul word addition feature is very helpful. Excellent for people with physical disabilities. It works better in some ways than programs explicitly marketed to people with disabilities! (Though it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to the menu.) Thank you.

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